SLS offers a number of facilites to
    accommodate both learning and fun.
    Our fenced-in play area consists of a
    football field basketball court and valleyball
    court as well as shaded sitting area.

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    SLS follows domestic and international
    guidelines. The school has adopted content
    standards and assessments. These assessments
    allow teachers, students and parents
    to see .......

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    Participation in athletics will promote
    growth and development, teach social and
    recreational skills, and develop
    leadership qualities.

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    SLS provides a quality learning environment
    which challenges all students to achieve
    their personal best and develop a positive
    vision for their future. All staff have the proper
    training to plan, observe.....

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    Students are expected to conduct themselves, at all
    times, in such a way as to bring credit to
    themselves, their families and the school.

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Purpose and Direction
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Our Vision:

“Be the best you can be and do your best with what you are provided at any given moment.” Sakkara is an institution that has dedicated itself to giving the most excellent education to children of all ages. When Sakkara was first envisioned, the dream was to give every child the very best education that a private language school could give, and that is just what has happened. Through a strong commitment and hard work, an undying respect to the idea of individualism, giving a steadfast opportunity to excel and thrive, Sakkara has indeed succeeded in the foundational beliefs. In a day-in-age that is in constant change, Sakkara has changed with where the need has been. The formation of the American Diploma Division is just that, a product of the need for growth and creativity. Our vision to this program simply lies in the upbringing of today’s generation-to allow those students to be productive elements within the world around them. We, here at Sakkara Language School, are committed to ensuring that every student is a lifelong learner, a responsible human being, and an active contributor in our school community.

Mission Statement:

Sakkara Language School’s mission statement is one that has been created from our vision above. Sakkara is dedicated to providing a family-like environment that will foster both individualism and a respect for the world around them.