SLS offers a number of facilites to
    accommodate both learning and fun.
    Our fenced-in play area consists of a
    football field basketball court and valleyball
    court as well as shaded sitting area.

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    SLS follows domestic and international
    guidelines. The school has adopted content
    standards and assessments. These assessments
    allow teachers, students and parents
    to see .......

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    Participation in athletics will promote
    growth and development, teach social and
    recreational skills, and develop
    leadership qualities.

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    SLS provides a quality learning environment
    which challenges all students to achieve
    their personal best and develop a positive
    vision for their future. All staff have the proper
    training to plan, observe.....

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    Students are expected to conduct themselves, at all
    times, in such a way as to bring credit to
    themselves, their families and the school.

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Purpose and Direction
Progress Reports
Parents and Students
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All students have the right to learn without being disrupted by others. No student has the right to interfere with any other student’s learning or staff member’s teaching programme. The school has established the following affirmations: Students right to learn Teachers right to teach Everyones right to be safe The school utilizes Restorative Practices (explained further in our "Guidance' page) to assist in managing student behaviour. It involves staff being trained in holding conversations which help rebuild relationships with students when there is a breakdown in the learning process in the classroom. The pocess involves afterschool conversation between staff and the students involved. It can also involve meetings with parents. However for serious behaviours which challenge ourschool affirmations (e.g. physical and emotional violence, theft, drugs, verbal abuse of staff and repeated and deliberate disobedience) we have a separate and immediate response. We utilize the services of our social services consultant in dealing with these serious behaviours.

Positive Behaviour For Learning
Our program is a behaviour support program which focuses on four major areas within the school: school-wide behaviour; out of class behaviour; in-class; and individual behaviour management. We have clearly defined expected behaviors which are based on the schoolvalues of Respect, Achieve and Participation (RAP). We are establishing procedures for teaching & practicing these behaviors and will be rewarding appropriate behaviour. The program works in conjunction with our Restorative Practices processes.

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